7th Annual Regional Telehealth Conference - Northeast Telehealth Resource Center 2021

Telehealth Launchpad - Refueling for Sustainability

Symbian Health was a sponsor and exhibitor at the annual NETRC conference held on Sept 23rd and 24th in Manchester, New Hampshire. The NETRC partners with MCD Public Health and University of Vermont to help implement telehealth programs which serve rural and medically underserved areas and populations throughout New England, New Jersey, and New York.

NETRC is part of the National Consortium of Telehealth Resource Centers funded by the Health Resources and Services Administration’s Office for the Advancement of Telehealth.NETRC is one of 12 Regional Resource Centers and works closely with two National Centers – the Center for Connected Health Policy and the Telehealth Technology Assessment Center.

Symbian health, a telemedicine solutions provider partners with hospitals in rural and underserved areas to cover staffing shortages. Our cloud based STAT platform offers staffing solutions to make hospitalist services available to all and cover gaps in provider shortages nationwide.We were delighted to be at the conference along with companies such as Amwell, AMD Global Telemedicine, Bluestream Health, Blue Cirrus Consulting, Iris Telehealth, Allm Healthcare, Tryten, Eagle Telemedicine, Caregility, CDW Healthcare, Ellora systems and VeeMed.

In light of the COVID-19 pandemic, speakers at this year’s conference talked about challenges during COVID faced by hospitals, nursing facilities and the healthcare community at large. Organizations and speakers shared their telehealth expertise and massive expansion of telehealth utilization and impact. We also heard about the amazing work of regional and national colleagues of key note speakers such as Dr Veena Channamsetty, Dr, Michael Hasselberg, Dr Jospeh C. Kvedar, Dr Shantanu Nundy and Thomas Ferrante to name a few. We learnt about rapid implementation success stories and lessons learned, workforce training efforts, and strategic planning for tomorrow’s healthcare landscape, with telehealth and telemedicine services as a focal point.

At NETRC, Symbian Health had the opportunity to discuss our services and technology in this time of need particularly for underserved populations. Other organizations there in the field of telehealth such as All, AMD, Caregility, Irishealth and other presented how implementation of their platforms and programs at nationwide hospitals and healthcare facilities has greatly improved access in those areas. It was a great opportunity to connect with partners in Telemedicine, exchange meaningful ideas, meet with industry leaders and hear about experiences during the COVID-19 pandemic from an organization, provider and patient point of view.


Symbian health is a proud sponsor at the Boston Marathon supporting Dr Shams Iqbal, President New England Society of Interventional Radiology