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Skilled Nursing Facilities
Provide staffing coverage to overburdened nursing facilities. Our telemedicine solutions can act as a staff multiplier, making the most efficient use of existing nursing staffs.
Early intervention and on-site care
Our remote clinicians assist on-site caregivers to detect and diagnose signs of clinical deterioration early, increasing caregivers’ ability to treat patients in place, without the need for outside transfers.
Post-acute care
Statistics shown 10% of patients who enter a nursing facility for post-acute care never see a physician during their stay. Our telemedicine services provide post-acute patients with prompt access to a remote physician, greatly improving care outcomes.
Modernized care models
Our team will partner with the nursing home staff to optimize their clinical and operational workflows. We work with nursing home management to develop and implement new protocols and train staff how to use them.
Command Center
Care is integrated via a central model designed to handle the demand for Physicians, Advanced Practice Providers and technological needs and capabilities.
Quality Assurance
Quality is at the heart of Symbian Health. We work closely with your facility and staff to create a culture of best practices and standards in patient care at every stage in their care journey.

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