The Symbian Approach

Planning and Assessment Stage

  • Work with the hospital to define goals and performance metrics for the telehospitalist service
  • Conduct a workflow analysis to identify the potentially impacted hospital processes and recommend any needed changes
  • Perform a site survey to ensure that the hospital has adequate IT infrastructure to support telehospitalist services and identify any needed improvements

Implementation Stage

  • Ensure needed equipment is available and provided
  • Work with the hospital to ensure proper clinical workflows and protocols, including EHR compatibility
  • Design and carry out a training program for hospital staff
  • Onboard telehospitalists
  • Conduct final pre-launch review

Monitoring and Support Stage

  • Manage telehospitalist schedules
  • Continuously monitor the service to confirm it is achieving the agreed-on performance indicators
  • Track platform and technology status 24/7 and promptly address any issues that arise