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your hospital needs

Applying innovation to hospital medicine

Providing end-to-end solution for hospitals

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Customized Approach

We work with partner hospitals to understand and assess their service needs. We address service gaps, provide high-quality customized solutions to staffing needs and ensure enhanced patient care delivery. We will help you develop key performance metrics and measure your program’s success.

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Comprehensive Services

Our services include onboarding and training for telehospitalists and telepresenters, physician credentialing and acquiring hospital privileges. Our quality assurance system provides oversight, learning and adapting to partner hospital needs to improve program performance.

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Experienced Team

Our experienced management team of physicians, management consultants, digital health technology and product experts bring together a leadership team you can depend on. Our technical support is available 24/7 to provide assistance and support for any questions and concerns.

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Symbian Advantages

Symbian Health
Increase Cost Effectiveness
The use of telehospitalists can yield significant cost savings compared to on-site hospitalists. The savings can be redirected to other in-house programs, staff training and infrastructure development.

Symbian Health
Fast-track Care
Telehospitalists can fast-track care by streamlining admissions from the ED and facilitating the creation of more productive in-hospital work systems. In-patient management and care are improved, and healthcare capacity is increased.

Symbian Health
Reduce Staff Burnout
The availability of telehospitalist support 24/7 reduces pressure on daytime hospitalist staff, minimizes burnout, and improves patient care and outcomes. By increasing hospitalists’ job satisfaction, it can lead to increased retention and lower recruiting costs.
Symbian Health
Minimize Unnecessary Transfers
On-site 24/7 telehospitalist coverage can reduce the need to transfer patients to other tertiary care facilities. Fewer transfers result in increased patient volumes, more patients treated locally, and revenues generated for the hospital.
Symbian Health
Address Physician Shortages
Physician shortages in hospitals can be successfully and efficiently addressed by hiring virtual telehospitalists. The use of telehospitalists reduces dependence on costly, variable-quality alternative sources of care providers of such as locum tenens.
Symbian Health
Improve Patient Outcomes
A well-designed telehospitalist program, with trained telehospitalists, provides a level of care at least equal to in-house hospitalists. Studies show that patients’ response to telehospitalists is overwhelmingly positive.

Our multidisciplinary team is here to help you assess, develop and design the program that best fits your needs

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